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DEEPBLOO is a B2B platform for energy professionals in T&D, Renewables, Offgrid & Generation which provides access to a comprehensive business solution and access to a professional network

Develop your business

Access to a professional network

Get a comprehensive business development solution : access to energy tenders &  business opportunities, manage your pipeline, understand your business environment (potential partners, awarded companies...) and get access to dashboards about your market.
Connect with thousands of energy professionals working in Manufacturers, EPC’s, Business associations, NGO's, Finance Institutions, Clusters, distributors and public utilities. Promote your brand, products and activities and ensure large communication. 

Where do some of our members work?

DEEPBLOO for a huge professional network


Qualified members from the energy sector



350 000 yearly opportunities from + 10 000's sources



+4000 keywords linked to 450 categories


DEEPBLOO Business Solution

Find business opportunities based on our algorithm

DEEPBLOO captures every day around 1000 energy-related opportunities from 40 000 sources corresponding to accurate market segments and regions defined by its customers. Our fine-tuned matchmaking algorithm enables our customers to identify and manage their opportunities, access to the related business and environment and to a vast amount of market data.

Access to + 300 000 Business Opportunities & Tenders (1000 per day) in the energy sector

Use extensive filters to select opportunities (period, customer, region...)

Access to detailed info on business tenders (download tenders, get end-user contact...)

Create your own RFQ's and find suppliers

Our system is based on smart search (synonyms management, best matchs appear first...)

Partners Deepbloo energy

Find Partners and contact them

Access to a mapping of potential players on each tender (players matching with same market segments will be identified)

Contact potential players (companies are positioned on the graph depending on their localisation). Identify potential local partners and contact them.

Notify opportunities to your partners / prospects

Communicate in a private way (inmails, notifications)

On each tender, our algorithm builds a mapping of potential players. Any company doing business in the same market segment will be displayed as a potential market player. Companies will appear according to their relevance in terms of market segment and geographical areas.


Build and manage your pipeline of opportunities

Access to a customized pipeline of opportunities built with your market segments and regions

Manage your pipeline (archive, delete, classify, comment, notify,...)

Connect with your CRM

Access to stats and dashboards

On demand customization through introduction in our algorithm of specific-to- business keywords

Each tender corresponding to the user business preferences will be added to its pipeline of opportunities. User can provide very specific keywords to its activity that we will add to our algorithm . Any tender containing these keywords will be automatically added to its pipeline. Pipeline is updated daily.

Business Intelligence

Get customized stats & dashboards built on + 200 000 opportunities and millions of data

Access to contracts awards for similar market segments and in the same country as the tenders' country

Add to our algorithm your specific keywords related to your activity to build a fully customized dashboard

Request data on companies and market segments


As we collect around 1000 new opportunities every day, we are managing a large amount of data. We are able to create dynamic reports, stats, dashboards and maps to provide you analytic views and dynamic reports of the business by market segment, country, region, customer,...

DEEPBLOO professional network

Partners Deepbloo energy

Access to a network of qualified professionals in Energy sector

Find energy professionals through use of extensive filters of search and dynamic map

Contact people through inmails

Invite people to join the network

Manage your profile and confidentiality/notifications parameters and use Linkedin synchronizations

professionnels energy

Create posts and target professionals to present your products, activities, events. Communicate about company successes

Create your company profile and invite your colleagues to join to ensure visibility

Create your own private space with full admin rights. Provide restrictive access for your premium members only and get payment on line �

Get into a more competitive position in the energy market

events energy

Manage energy events

Create and promote your own energy events / on-line ticketing and mailing

Find all energy events to join them and synchronize calendars

Get visibility for your events


Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy the DeepBloo community

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