DEEPBLOO Team is proud to issue a new Business Insights enabling readers to have, in one glance, an overview of the Public market’s data. This month, we have decided to work on Solar Home Systems.

Solar Home Systems, as known as SHS, is not only one of the technology/solutions contributing to improving electrification in rural areas but is as well in the heart of residential projects, business buildings, and even industrials infrastructures.

In definition, Solar Home System is a self-sustaining system that is mostly used for residential applications. On average the solar home system is low-powered which ranges less than 100W. SHS is majorly produced for DC or AC electrical appliances. Most of the time Solar home system is used in Off-grid areas and acts as a power backup.

  • Advantage: No dependency on Government sourced electricity

  • Average panels required to power a residential building: The United States of America uses 10,400KWH of electricity per year. So if a homeowner installs 250 Watt of solar panels then require 28-34 solar panels to power the entire home.

As we observe through the analysis of our data, the solar market is always expanding in all regions of the world and SHS solution is following the move. As a consequence, this market is predominantly driven by the private sector. Serving public market and public institutions will require continuous improvement and remain still marginal. However as DeepBloo collect data on the public sector, we are happy to share with you our analysis.

All DEEPBLOO team is quite excited by the digital playground offered by Public Authorities regarding solar energy. When we look at the number of business opportunities retrieved in our database, we can easily understand that innovation in the solar industry has a bright future ahead of it. We will keep moving forward with the ambition of giving to our community the possibility to understand better this public market, create interaction between tenderers and business partners by offering the best data quality possible.

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