Deepbloo is the 1st business platform for energy professionals. We gather business opportunities in the energy market and use an algorithm to offer to our members the best result as possible.

To make sure that we capture tenders and business opportunities with a scope of work in energy sector, we have defined a methodology and an algorithm based on 7 rules. So, how does the algorithm of the energy platform Deepbloo work to find tenders and business opportunities in energy sector?

Energy tenders data sourcing

  1. We scan and collect all energy-related tenders from thousands of organizations working in the energy industry
  2. We scan and collect other tenders in sectors which are not specifically related to energy such as Agriculture, O&G, services, consulting, etc. but which include a scope of work in relation with the energy sector (in offgrid, solar, cables…)

This process is completed on a daily base to ensure that we capture all tenders with energy-related scope of work. Then, Deepbloo algorithm classifies all new identified tenders (around 1 000 per day) in categories in function of the scope of works. This work is done through the use of synonyms or similar expression to name the same commodities , services, etc… Finally, tenders and business opportunities are displayed on Deepbloo platform.

Energy tenders search engine

Then, our search engine will rank the results of a query of user according to the following rules:

  1. Energy Tenders matching with query words found in this corresponding order: tender title, tender description and buyer name of the tender
  2. Energy tenders, including several keywords, matching exactly with the query of the user
  3. Energy tenders, including less number of words or more typos, will be ranked lower
  4. Energy tenders will be then ranked following descending order of publication date and bid deadline

The results of our search engine takes ad well into account synonyms or similar names. For example, the query HV Lines will get tenders for “HV Lines” as result but as well “HV cables”, “High voltage cables”…

Or if a user type “offgrid’, his/her intention is to find all tenders related to offgrid sector. Therefore, our search engine will display results such as “mini-grid”, “micro-grid”, “rural electrification”…

All this process is the result of fine-tuning requiring strong energy expertise (synonyms definition, categorization, understanding of what a professional in energy sector does expect to get as results…) and IT skills to manage data and define smart rules.

To enjoy business opportunities in the energy market, join Deepbloo, the 1st business platform for energy professionals.

Written by Alexandre Guillemot
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