Professionals working In control & protection (grid automation systems, C&P Panels, protection relays…) would be interested by two major types of business opportunities:

  • Business opportunities with main scope of work in control & protection
  • Turnkey substation projects as they include almost always a grid automation scope of work.

Business and energy opportunities with main scope of work in control & protection

On Deepbloo, in the category Control & Protection will appear all tenders and business opportunities in energy. It can include the following key words: Panels, relays, switchboards, C&P Panels, protections, panel boards, electrical cabinets, control automation, grid automation, reclosers, arc fault protection.

In theses business opportunities the end-client will be the direct client. Therefore, access to these tenders or requests for quotation enables professionals to have an opportunity

Since January 2019, the trends are:
Around 70 tenders on protection relays have been published – 35 are now still live.

Some interesting tenders have been:

  • Numerical Distance Protection Relays For 330Kv Transmission Lines with TCN in Nigeria
  • 132 KV and 33 KV transformer control/protection panels from TCN in Nigeria
  • 5 or 6 Motor protection relays opportunities mainly in India and Bangladesh
  • 3 Feeder protection relays opportunities but requiring ABB make are still not expired
  • It is notable that Russia,Ukraine & CIS do have quite some protection relay opportunities. Indeed, they have protection relay tender in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, differential protections in Russia. Following tenders in Russia are still live:
    • The tender “Maintenance, Repair And Operation Of Relay Protection And Automatics, Control Systems Of Electrical Equipment, Power Supply Systems Of Technological Equipment At The Facilities Of Fsue “Ghk ” (Industrial Territory)”
    • Electrical Installation Works On Relay Protection Of Elements Of Substation-2, Works On Power Supply Of Cells Of The Pp 2.4 And Commissioning Works In Gpp-2, 4, 5
  • In Oman, there is currently an opportunity with Muscat Electricity Distribution Company S.A.O.C for the replacement of protection relays.

Other opportunities in grid automation

The following interesting opportunities need to be checked out:

  • 33Kv Feeder Control Panel and 132Kv Transformer Control/Protection Panel from TCN in Nigeria
  • In Smartgrid, there is an invitation to bid for Implementation of Smart Grid in Ukraine
  • 4 tenders for Supply And Delivery Of Various Mechanical Spare Parts Of Perkins 100Kw For Mini Grid in Philippines may have some automation devices in their scope of work

Business opportunities coming from turnkey substation jobs

Grid automation equipment manufacturers and system integrators shall carefully follow tenders on turnkey substations job. They also shall contact main EPC’s as soon as opportunities are released on the market. A large part of these tenders include a scope of work related to automation (Control & Protection panels, relays, control system). Contractor bidding to the end-user will need to liaise with automation professionals to make a proper quote.

  • In Africa, from Jan 2019, around 60 HV or MV Substations-related tenders have been released mainly in Egypt (EETC), South Africa (ESKOM and Municipalities), Morocco (ONE), Nigeria (TCN),  but as well in Ghana, Ethiopia, Mozambique…
  • In india, there is a huge market. More than 500 opportunities with turnkey Substation jobs have been published since the beginning of the year
  • NME market is quite dynamic as well with substation jobs in Jordan, Iraq , UAE, Oman and Lebanon. For example:
    • In Lebanon, the tender for Expansion Of Deir Nbouh & Deir Amar Substations has a deadline the 18th of june 2018
    • For Oman, Upgrading Of Wadi Al Tayeen Primary Substation To 2X20 Mva With 33Kv And 11Kv Feeders has a deadline the 4th of June 2019
  • In other asian countries, around 100 opportunities exist mainly in Vietnam, indonesia, Bangladesh

How to work with EPC’s as partner

Any professional knows how hard is it to work with EPC’s to win these markets. The key of the success is in the combination of various efforts:

  • Products (protection relays, systems…) shall be presented to the end-user and not only to the ultimate decision-makers. Shall be presented to the engineers team as there are the ones who are writing the details specs of a tender. The best you can do is to organize a Technical Days session and invite professionals from TSO and DSO. Key point is at this stage to ensure that at least the specs are not requiring features or performances which will de facto disqualify your solutions. Is there is a best way to do that than presenting your solutions to the engineering team of the end-user?
  • Prepare offer to EPC’s with anticipation and track them ! “Shooting” an offer is not enough, offer shall be discussed, negotiated with the EPC.  You need to bet on the right horse and to do this, history record of won substations in the past months/years is a good indication. Strategically, the best way is to “break this supplier-customer relationship” between you and the customer to turn into into a partner relationships.

How to do this?

  • Distinguish local scope (commissioning, installation and maintenance)and see with customer if this scope could not be handled by the EPC team or end-user.
    • This shall contribute to drastically reduce the costs (you could save in man-hours, flight… around 30% of a local scope which is around often 15% of global scope) – this means you could reduce around 3% on your selling price.
    • Propose a training for free to the customer team. This investment is worth it as this will create a special relationships and create an interdependence between the partners
    • Define a ramp-up program to transfer the knowledge to the customer to mitigate the risks
  • Propose options! Your customer is an EPC but has as well a panels workshop ? The end-user has a facility to integrate panels? Propose this!

This will reduce your scope of work and global selling price. It maybe challenging in terms of Division of work but it will increase local content which in many cases is a strong differentiator, increase competencies of the team of your customer and most importantly, you are creating a business model which works. To change this, EPC and end-users will have to think twice.

Written by Alexandre Guillemot
Deepbloo platform energy sector