April was an important month as we have released the new version of our Business function. This new feature allow Deepbloo to display around 15 000 tenders and business opportunities coming from around 5000 public and private organizations in the energy sector as well as opportunities from other sectors when they include a scope of work related to the energy.

The key stats on Deepbloo for April are:

  • 26 711 energy  tenders published in the last 30 days and 6092 published in the last 7 days
  • More than 14 000  live energy tenders

Since january 2019, the total number of tenders (including expired tenders) related to the energy market published on Deepbloo is 38 446.

As example, the number of tenders including the following keywords in their description and/or title is a following:

  • Rural electrification / off-grid / mini-grid/etc: 370 business opportunities
  • Solar: 600 business opportunities
  • Electrical substation:switchgear: 1095 business opportunities
  • Protection relays and C&P Panels: more than 500 business opportunities
  • Cables: 1000 ’s of  LV/MV/HV cable opportunities
  • Energy storage: more than 1500 business opportunities

There are just a few insights, if you want to have stats on other equipment/services, just contact us.
In terms of number of opportunities in energy sector per region, the figures are

tenders worldwilde
  • Africa : 3183
  • America : 4954
  • Asia : 3373
  • Europe : 3984
  • India : 19676
  • Near & Middle East : 1406
  • Pacific : 55
  • Russia and CIS :2191

Note 1:  If number of tenders has drastically reduced due to election the past few months, India is still the region where we do have highest number of business opportunities with around 6000 live tenders making India the largest market for the energy sector on Deepbloo.

Note 2 :  A few interesting tenders on turnkey substations are out in the market in Ethiopia,  Nigeria… There are mainy 220 KV substations with complete scope and approaching right now the EPC’s usually working in the region wherever they are from India, NME or Europe is definitively the right thing to do.

Number of live tenders including following scope of work

Below are the number of LIVE tenders (not expired) which have a scope of work related to the categories (please note that a tender may appear in different categories if it includes various scopes of work):

tenders deepbloo

Construction/CW/Installation: all tenders with a scope of electrical installation work or  installation of equipment such as transformers. This category includes as well turnkey substations, construction of power plants, overhead lines construction….4577
Lighting –all lamps and lighting systems: 4211
Cables/Lines/Connectors include as well poles, connectors, busbar systems, cable accessories, overhead lines and connection devices: 1769
Control & Protection: this is a vast category including Control & protection panels, protection devices such as relays and the control automation system as well as other control systems and equipments: 1430
Turnkey SST: There are HV AIS Substations (440/ 330/220 KV) as well as MV switchgear: 1269. Only very few GIS Substation opportunities have been identified

Generation: includes generating sets , turbines… and equipment in co-generation, wind power, steam, solar energy, ect…: 947
Energy Storage: this includes batteries, accumulators charging devices, turbocharger, ect…: 589
Transformers: 445
Hydro/Thermal/Wind: 270
Cooling System: 242
Meters: voltmeters, energy meters, electricity meters, etc… 195
Panel/Board: 168
Solar – includes solar panels and installation and most of the time will propose as well offgrid opportunities (rural electrification, micro-grid): 160
Fire fighting system: 132
Circuit breakers: 123
Switches/capacitors/insulators/Surge arresters/critical power systems/instrument transformer/…: 330

Note: We classify energy tenders by categories using keywords. When some key words are identified in the title or description of a tender, we assume that such tender includes a scope of work related to a category in relation with such a keyword.

For example, if a tender includes the following words: “Batteries”, “Energy storage”, “accumulator”, “ Battery”, “Supercharger”, “turbocharger”, “charger”, storage devices”, “loaders”, “battery-powered”, “storage system”,etc… this tender will be considered as including a scope of work related to batteries.

Energy professionals community

Around 1 200 energy professionals have joined us since the 1st of January 2019 and bring the Deepbloo community to a global number of 1 900 energy professionals. Global stats on our community are:

  • A large part of  our community is working in sales & tendering and Business development as Sales Director / CEO / Owner as we intend to gather as many decision makers as possible
  • We do have quite a lot of members from major Group such as Larsen & Toubro / General Electric / Siemens / Schneider Electric / Engie  with decision-makers and sales directors from these companies currently on Deepbloo

The month of April has seen 265 new members joining the Deepbloo community mainly working in turnkey Substation and HV/MV Lines/ cables from Canada, India, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubaï…

These professionals are likely to be interested by turnkey substation tenders and business opportunity as well as by manufacturers able to provide the proper commodities and services.

Written by Alexandre Guillemot
Deepbloo platform energy sector