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DeepBloo is a fair and reliable business platform, that is the reason why DeepBloo might require you to verify your identity to determine the ownership of the account to uphold the DeepBloo Terms of Service.rnDeepbloo also needs to provide you all the information you have requested, for example, DeepBloo can notify you new opportunities or content updates via email adress.
We have two several measures in place to ensure confidentiality of your data.rnDeepBloo is a PRIVATE business platform and except the information you choose to share inside your DeepBloo business network, we do not share, give, or sell any personal information about you.rnDeepBloo is hosted by Microsoft Azure and...rn
Using DeepBloo is free for the time being but we reserve us the possibility to propose several types of premium subscriptions. The amount of fee is not yet decided but in any case you will be advised a few weeks before being able to subscribe to a premium membership. In any case a free membership will still exist.
The subscription is free for the time being. However when the premium membership will be available, we might not offer partial refunds for the remaining period.
When the premium membership will be available, we might offer corporate packages to companies which wants their employees and business units to use DeepBloo. You will be invited to contact our sales team.
The most important thing is to have a complete user profile and create a the profile of your Business Unit . This will help you a lot to be visible and ensure company visibility to capture business opportunities and attract potential partners.
Yes because large majority of people need to see someone to trust him and because business is about human relationships too !
Creating a private opportunity is completely free for the time being. We reserve the right to limit the number of free opportunities to be created later on.
Each user has the possibility to create an opportunity which will enable her or him to find a suitable supplier or partner to perform a service or deliver a product. When you create an opportunity, this will be searchable and accessible by many companies in the Energy market. Moreover users may decide to receive daily notifications and will be automatically informed. This increase widely your chance to find the right supplier and to get visibility to your opportunity.
Our search function allows you to search for opportunities using keywords, geographic area, industry, company name and product/activity categories. You can set up a search alert to get email notifications when new opportunities that meet your criteria are created by other users.
Today, there is no way to see it. We are currently working on this to make it possible.
No. Your search activity is totally private.
Yes, you can create a simple event such as factory inauguration or product launch and target the companies you want to invite. In case you want to use DeepBloo to manage on line invitations, contact ou sales team.
Everybody can see your user profile but they can see only what you decide to make visible thanks to the confidentiality parameters that you can customize.