Find in these article business opportunities about the African market on Deepbloo. In Africa, 3 524 opportunities were published since January and 1 408 are live tenders are available now (379 tenders will expire in less than one week).

Among all our business opportunities, 60 opportunities are related to substations.
For example: 132 KV SST Ethekwini Metropolitan Municipality in RSA with ESKOM / HV SST in Egypt with EETC / Transmission lines & SST in Nigeria with TCN, ect…

There are quite a lot of interesting RFQ’s (around 35) for services on Transformers (repair, Oil cleaning, commissioning, etc…) in South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, ect…

The number of live opportunities with following scope of work in Africa are:

  • Construction / CW / Installation: 600
  • Cables / line / connectors: 120
  • Energy storage : 60
  • Off-grid-solar : 40

In Renewables in Africa, 40 tenders are related to solar energy and off-grid sector. Some of them are:

  • Development of Solar Hybrid Mini Grids for Rural Economic Development (minimum subsidy tender – Phase 1 (4 lots) in Nigeria from WB
  • Development Of Solar Hybrid Power Systems For Universities And Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria from Rural Electrification Agency
  • Supply And Installation Of Photovoltaic Kits For Electrification Of Households In The Communes Of The Province Of Ifrane in Morocco and Electrification Of Households Not Electrified By Solar Panels And Accessories To The Municipality Of Bouyablane in Morocco
  • And much more with RFQ on 13 Mini Photovoltaic Networks In Niger / RFQ related to Establishment Of Green Houses With Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Kits in Malawi / solar lighting system in various countries

In energy storage, around 60 tenders are related to batteries.

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Written by Alexandre Guillemot
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