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Key Features

Develop your business in the energy sector thanks to diverse fonctionalities of our energy platform

Opportunity Management

Access to opportunities
  • Access to + 1000 new opportunities every day from  other companies, utilities, agencies... using search engine with filters by activity, region, name…
Manage your own pipeline of opportunities
  • Build a customized pipeline of opportunities which corresponds to your market segments and regional areas and manage it.
Market data Analysis
  • We collect around 1 million new data every quarter and can provide report on your market by region, customer, .... Get weekly analysis of your market through a  dashboard with maps, graphs, stats...
Make your organization visible
  • Make sure your company appear as a potential player for each relevant opportunity. Promote your brand, activities and products through creation of posts and events and reach a large audience. Create your own RFQ.
Business Intelligence
  • Provide us your specific keywords related to your segment and we will add them to our algorithm and track any tender for you. Provide us any additional source of tenders.

Profile Management

Set-up your business preferences
  • Set-up your profile with your business preferences (market segments, geographical areas) to access to a pipeline of opportunities matching your preferences.

Social network integration
  • Import your profile from LinkedIn and connect you from LinkedIn (or Facebook) or with an email account and password

Notification parameters
  • You have the full control of notifications and newsletters that you will receive
Confidentiality parameters
  • For each of your personal data, define customized parameters to ensure your confidentiality

Event Management

  • Synchronize your events with your calendars (Google, Yahoo, Apple)
On line tickets
  • Get your tickets on line for a paying event.  This is simple and secured.
Join events
  • Do not miss events organized by other companies or one of the 600 tradeshows visible in the platform. Use the map and advanced filters to select coming events and join the most interesting ones
Manage your events
  • Create your event such as product launch,  site inauguration or customer presentation and decide to make it public or in limited access and target the companies you decide to invite. Manage your invitations.

Brand Management

  • Create posts and publish news on your activity and company and decide who shall receive it.
Increase your audience
  • Import automatically the news from your website to the platform to cover a large audience
Create groups
  • Create pages of your brand or product lines, manage group members, create premium events, launch marketing campaigns and manage your own data room

Partners Management

Communication with partners
  • Create private groups gathering all your partners and inform them with pictures, videos and key information (new public price lists, new features, new products...). Manage group members, launch communication campaign  and create premium events.
Exchange data
  • Use our dataroom to share files and collect files from potential partners (product catalogue, company profiles, customers references…etc)
Search potential partners
  • Create your business opportunities  and target the right companies you decide to send these opportunities to. You will access to hundreds of companies. Find and communicate to potential partners.

In-Person networking

Business Trip
  • You go on a business trip ? Inform people you want visit  that you will be soon available to meet them and start talking business with them
Search companies and people
  • Search people, companies, business units… by activity, location or market segment to find new potential partners, customers or suppliers
Group Management
  • Join groups of experts or create your own groups of forum to position yourself as opinion leader, trend-setter or expert in the some areas go Energy.
  • Tag users in your posts and comments to make sure they will see it
Business Invitations & Inmails
  • Invite your colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners to join DEEPBLOO and contact companies with internal mailbox
Manage your visibility
  • Decide or not to share your contact details only to your favorite users. Appear in the directory.


Manage your network though profile management , data room, notifications, event management and business invitations.


Interface your profile with Linked-in, download information of companies profile, create events, groups, forums, and communities.


Search companies or people as well as products and opportunities by name, region, country, segment, activity, product,...


Contact directly the other companies and users and develop your in-person networking without being spamed.


Disclose and access to private or public business information and define access rights within your team and provide authorization to others.


DEEPBLOO gathers all public tenders, private opportunities, list of companies, key information, events…in ENERGY sector.

The business-oriented energy platform

  • Green solutions for Nigeria
  • Improve access to energy

A business-oriented social network

Profile management at company, business Unit and people level

Dedicated to energy segments

For EPC, public utilities, engineering, services and manufacturing companies

Business Opportunites

For Sales & Tendering, Business Development & Strategy and Sourcing functions

Public Utilities & Private Companies