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DEEPBLOO, the Energy sector Platform dedicated to Renewables and Off Grid that enables your organization to find business partners, access to opportunities and public tenders, find projects funders, manage your events & communication and engage your community.

One Platform

To find partners

To get opportunities

To manage your organization

The platform for renewables, off grid and access to energy: a global energy eco-system to extend your network, promote your brand, events, and projects and to reach professionals of the sector
Connect with professionals working in Business associations, NGO's, Finance Institutions, Clusters, EPC's, engineering & services companies, manufacturers, distributors and public utilities
Access to public tenders, business opportunities, jobs, events, companies and an extensive network of professionals
Have your own private room for your organization and your members to manage your events, opportunities, job board, news, publications…

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DEEPBLOO for a huge worldwide market


Additional investment in Africa till 2040 in B$



Estimated Market size in Billions $ in 2017



Number of jobs in 2015 in Millions



Manage your community

Manage your own space to engage your community and  hit the right audience

Manage your private room
  • Create and manage your own space (make if public or private), invite your members and partners to join as well as other professionals of the Deepbloo community. Share your best practices, key information and customize your page.
Connect to a network of thousands of professionals
  • Find organizations and professionals by market, localisation, industry, skill, type... and reach them to increase your visibility, increase your soft power find business partners and business opportunities
Reach a global energy eco-system
  • Communicate about your organization & projects, create events, job opportunities, RFQ and decide to share within your group or within the whole platform gathering thousands of professionals.
Manage your community
  • Manage your partners, members, customer, suppliers  in providing them updated information, invite them to events, manage their attendance, propose them project and help them to find partners. Create restrictive accesses and a media center.

Within a global eco-system

Join a network of thousands of potential partners and customers as well as 100’s of business opportunities, events, ...

Be visible in the network
  • Ensure your organization profile, projects, products, news and events are visible and that potential partners can easily find you as well as you can receive business opportunities corresponding to your profile.
Access to 100's of business opportunities
  • Access to some of the hundred's of public tender from public utilities and other business opportunities created by other companies
Access to hundred of events
  • Access easily to the information of more than 600 events in the energy sector, register to the events and contact the orgnanizers
Integrate DEEPBLOO Platform to your CRM
  • Use our team to integrate the DEEPBLOO platform to your CRM and develop your own customized and private platform: upload all your customer and suppliers data, manage your partners, and develop your market data analysis and business intelligence

Manage your community within your private space

Develop your network of members, suppliers, customers and partners

Be informed on what's going on in the energy world and manage your brand

Get into a more competitive position in the Off-Grid market


NGO's & Business associations

All NGO's and Business associations working in energy-related industry to promote access to clean and affordable energy

PUBLIC Utilities & Institutions

Energy service and infrastructure development and management at local and national level for Distribution & Renewables sectors.


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC): deliver a Turnkey project from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover to the End-User.


Mechanical, electrical, civil design as well as data gathering and any other engineering services.


Testing, commissioning, erection, consulting, maintenance, erection, installation of HV/MV/LV equipment & services including parts repair and after-sales.


Product manufacturers and solutions providers in HV/MV/LV such as structure, cables, control & protections, civil, telecommunication, panels, transformers, etc.

Everyday is a new day for us and we work really hard to satisfy the DeepBloo community

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