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How does Deepbloo business solution work?


This section will help you to understand how to use DEEPBLOO platform and how to make the best use of it

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DEEPBLOO professional networking functionalities

Our platform is only dedicated to energy professionals (from T&D, renewables, offgrid, ect.).

To improve your experience on DEEPBLOO, we have created video tutorials for each DEEPBLOO functionality.
Access to our video tutorials here.

To be part of the community, a professional shall be invited or request an invitation accepted by the DEEPBLOO team.

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professional network

Join a network of professionals

Create your profile. Find energy professionals through criteria and map. Contact potential partners through Inmails and invite others to join

Promote your business

Create posts to present your products, activities, events and communicate about your brand. Make sure your company is visible


Manage your energy events

Create, promote and manage your own energy events and ensure them visibility. Find relevant energy events

1. Join a network of professionals

Each user can complete its profile and change its own data and decide the level of visibility to others. Consent is requested when logging the first time.

🔓 1. How to login
If you already have an account ⬇️
Go to platform.deepbloo.com and click on “login” button. Enter your email address and your password. If you have previously imported your profile, you can login using your LinkedIn or Facebook.

If you connect for the first time ⬇️
Go to platform.deepbloo.com and click on Request an invitation”. Complete your personal information. You will receive an email to register.

professional platform

👤 2. To complete your profile, click on your profile picture (if added) in the top right hand corner of the page and select “My profile”.

my profile

Your business preferences: each user shall indicate the interest in terms of segments and areas. These preference will be used by Deepbloo to build a pipeline of opportunities:
– Fill out the field as shown here: “Interested by following business opportunities (CPV)”
– Fill out the field as shown here : “Interested by business opportunities in these areas”

Your profile & cover picture: click on the camera icon and upload your new picture
Your personal details: profile info > edit > complete camps > save
You can also update personal information from LinkedIn (on the right of your cover picture)

Other information:
 you can see a snapshot of your recent activity and add favorite user(s).
A favorite user is a user who will be able to see the personal details that you have selected to be visible to your favourite users only. The other users won’t be able to see these personal details.

⚙️ 3. Personnalise your settings: to change your settings, click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of the page and select “My settings.” This will enable to change your settings, notifications and password

Provide access to the community of professionals. Each professionals can be found using extensive filters (by business interest, market segment, company,ect…) or the interactive map.

💼 How to find professionals: being able to search for particular profiles in the DEEPBLOO community is a powerful and yet essential tool.

professional network energyYou have the ability to add members to your “favorite users” by clicking on the star on the top right corner. You can search on first name, last name, maiden name, keywords and location. There is as well a range of filters that can also be applied to  find specific profiles in the DEEPBLOO community.
You can send a message directly to the professionals through inmail to start a discussion.

👥 How to invite external user
Select the “+” on the top right corner, choose “refer someone to the community”, select “invite an external user”.
professional network

Complete the field and “confirm the selection”. He/she will receive an email invitation.

professional network



You can create posts to communicate on your brand, project, product, site inauguration, webinar ect…

📝 Create posts to communicate about your company: on Live Feed you can post a notification out to DEEPBLOO community members. You can use @ to tag others. You can add hyperlinks, images, video and an attachment to your notification.
Your premium account will allow you to select the Notify people button, you can select the people to notify and this can be done by searching on a persons name, a Location (up to 64km), Companies, Industries, and so on. You can multi-select using the available filters.
You can use Select all to choose all users who appear based on your criteria. Unselect all will reverse this process.
If someone is working in a company that shall not be notified, just do not select it and she/he will not be notified. It is easy to deselect by clicking the radio button next to the user’s name.
When you have made your selection, validate selection and click “Publish”. Your post is published!

✈️ Inform other professionals about your Business Trips: on Live feed, choose “Trip”, complete the field and select “Publish”. Your trip is now visible by all the Deepbloo community. 
energy event

Your premium account will allow you to target the professionals by Company types, segments, activities… Then, you can for example inform all professionals working as EPC in Singapore, that you will be around at a certain date, this will help you to meet new prospects.

🗓 Publish your Event such as product launch, project award: on live feed, choose “event”. Complete the field and “publish”. You can notify the community about the details, including name of the event, location and start and end date/time. You can also add details of the event, a hyperlink and a video.

energy event

Your premium account will allow you to notify specific professionals of DEEPBLOO community. Click Publish when you have set your criteria.

Provide a list of company in energy sector

company in energy

Some publications related to energy sector are related here. We can publish any relevant article you may send us.

energy news

🗓 The list of events in energy sector

energy event

Interested in our membership program?


Access to +15 000 live opps

Learn how to access to +200 000 tenders, search for business opportunities (by segment, scope of work, frame agreement, region etc.), access to a customized pipeline of opportunities


Develop your business

Learn how to share opportunities, access to contract awards, get players mapping, provide visibility to your company


Opportunity management

Learn how to analyse tenders, manage your opportunities, receive notifications and create your own RFQ’s


Business Intelligence

We can track tenders with very specific keywords provided by you, build stats and dashboard by segment and region, add more tender sources…

2. Deepbloo Business Development Solution

energy tender

⬆️ To access to the business interface with tenders and business opportunities, go on the section “Tenders/RFQ’s”. 

There are two main views:

1. See all tenders which display all tenders of the platform which are live or expired (less than 6 months). The tenders expired for more than 6 months are archived and not accessible any more. However we keep the data available for BI purposes

  1. My Pipeline of tenders which display the tenders corresponding only to your business preferences: Your pipeline is built  to display only the opportunities which correspond to your CPV (type of activities and products you are interested in – click here to know more on CPV’s) and in the geographical areas defined by you. To see how to set-up your business preferences on your Profile, click here

🚀 This pipeline is updated every day with new coming opportunities. We scan +40 000 sources on a daily basis, any tender matching your CPV codes and geographical areas will be added to your pipeline.

🔎 The search bar is based on a powerful search engine technology:

  • Spelling mistakes are accepted
  • Synonyms are managed (1)
  • The system will search on the tender title, tender description
  • The system will show first the most relevant results based on the algorithm (exact word matching, publication date…) 

To know more about how we return results to you query, click here.

(1) We use synonyms to make your search easier and more relevant. For example, if you type “microgrid”, we will return you results of tenders related to “microgrid” but as well “nanogrid”, “minigrid”, “micro-réseau”, etc.

If you want us to create synonyms for you, we do this for free. Just make your request here.

Example: typing “solar” on the search bar ⬇️

solar tender

The number of results will be displayed on the top right side of the screen. It will correspond to all tenders of the platform which are live or expired (less than 6 months).

2.3.1 Use of filters
On the left side, you will find the filters when you can refine the search.
Today, we have 13 different filters :
• Some simple filters such as: Bid deadline, publication date, notice type, procurement method, ect.
• Advanced filter : such as scope of work, segment, brands, ect…

If for example, I would like to search tenders which are not expired in Africa, I select the filters.
• The system will display the results on the right
• Selected filters will be recorded on the top

2.3.2 “Notice type” filter
We do not display only tenders but other businesses such as contract award, procurement plan, ect.
To select the type of information, you like to see, use the filter “Notice type”.

2.4.1 Choose table or pipeline view
On the top right side, the number will indicate the number of tenders corresponding to the filters.
The results can be displayed on 2 forms : 
• Table form
• Pipeline form

2.4.2 Table view

2.4.3 Pipeline view

On the pipeline view, you can select/unselect the columns you like to display.

You will have access to the same filters as the ones in the left part of the screen and you can use both to refine the pipeline.


We have developed advanced filters where the Deepbloo algorithm recognizes the context of a tender in order to identify relevant business opportunities.

2.5.1 Scope of work

  • You can filter to select tenders depending on the type of jobs (installation, maintenance, supply, repair, commissioning, ect…)
  • In the example below, only installation projects with SOLAR keywords will appear. If another scope of work is identified, it will appear too (for example maintenance)

energy tender


2.5.2 Segment
We have as well the possibility to identify in which segments (residential, commercial, rural elec…) the tenders is. In the below example, if I select Rooftop, the system will select tenders in Africa with Solar keyword in the rooftop segment which have been identified in title or description.

2.5.3 Brand
Deepbloo algorithm has the capability to identify brands of manufacturers. This will allow you to identify tenders requiring specific brands. In the example below, I can select various brands for the word “Transformer”

2.5.4 Long term agreement identification 

The filter “contract Type” will enable you to identify tenders requiring long term agreement.
In the example below, the result table will display the tenders for the word “Transformer” in India which are requiring a frame agreement or a long term contract.

We are currently working to propose more filters on the next release such as amount of tenders, funding organization, metrics (KW, ect…)

2.6.1 Tender details 
To get the details of a tender, click on the tender to open it. The upper part of the tender page will provide key information such as Title/Description/Link to tender doc / Bid deadline / CPV codes (CPV list is a nomenclature to categorize activities/product. Our algorithm allocates  these CPV’s under the form of tags on each tender,  depending on the content of the tender and which corresponds to the activity/products of this tender).

The link to the original tender documentation provided by the buyer (html link or pdf, word to be downloaded).

energy tender2.6.2 Notify tender to other professionals
Click on the mail icon on upper side of the tender.
You can modify the title, the text and selects users you would like to send the tenders to. 
You can as well send this tender to someone which is not registered on Deepbloo: just click on “add an email’.

2.6.3 Access to potential partners Partner mapping
The below part will display a mapping of potential players : organization in which at least one user is registered on Deepbloo and which have common CPV and active in the same region will appear on the graph:
• The more user they are , the bigger the bubble will be
• Companies having users working with more CPV in common with tenders will be positioned in the upper part of the graph
• Your company will appear in red: To ensure your organization appear as a potential player, you need to set-up your business preferences on “My profile” section Display your organization as potential player
On each tender that we publish, our system builds a mapping of potential players. Your company will appear in red on any tender which will show a market segment (CPV) in common with your  CPV business preferences set-up in your profile (i.e, any tender having a CPV code matching at least with one CPV code you have selected in your profile).

energy tender Contact partners
• To know more about a partner, click on the bubble and you will find the users working in the company which may be contacted
• If you click on the user, you will land on its profile page and see its mail address if visible (or you send him an inmail)

2.6.4 Access to contract awards for similar tenders
On the tender, you have the possibility to see the contracts which have been awarded in the same region and on tenders having common CPV with the tender. Click on the link, check which organization has been awarded in this region in relevant business


You will then access to contract award list ⬇️

2.7.1 Open tender in a reading box
We use OCR technology to enable you to visualize a tender into a workable document whatever the format is (html, pdf,…). This will allow you navigate in the document in a smooth way.
Click on the button “Import on Deepbloo”.

The document will appear below the tender description.

2.7.2 Tender analysis and comment
You will be then able to open the document : The document will appear on the left side of the screen and business information will appear on the right side: CPV, segment and scope work related terms identified in the document

In this example , if you are interested in energy storage, click on the CPV “energy storage” and the system will display which term related to the CPV has been identified and will highlight it in yellow in the document. 

You can comment the document for internal use.

You can assign your tenders into customized groups.

2.8.1 Create groups of tenders
You have the possibility to create groups in order to sort relevant tenders. Just click on “add a group” . You can create as many groups as you like.

2.8.2 Assign tenders to group
Then you can assign a tender to the relevant group

📩 You will receive a weekly email with an extract of the tenders matching your region by CPV.

➕ To publish your own request for quotation. There are 2 different ways:

  1. You do not have a free trial or a valid membership and therefore have no access to the “Tenders/RFQ’s” section of Deepbloo. In that case, you can go on the Live Feed of the platform, just create a post and you can add an image or attached file.

The Live feed is the landing page of the Deepbloo platform. You can access here.

  1. You have a free trial or a valid membership: Go on “Tenders/RFQ’s” section and click on “add a tender”  on the top left corner

📈 We provide a dashboard composed of maps, charts, pies, reports enabling our customers to follow their activity. We can build advanced dashboards on demand.

📈 Advanced dashboards to track specific tenders, brands, overview on the market, ect…: We can build customized reports, graphes, maps… for you. If for example, you would like to get specific graphs or modelization of all opportunities from a specific customer, from a specific subregion, specific market segment (CPV)

🔎 Advanced requests on tender identification: we can create your own complex requests to populate your pipeline (finding specific technical requirements identified on tenders, voltage range, location, ect…), and assign automatically tenders into groups.

🔢 Integration with company CRM (Import business opportunities to your own system): our data will connect to you own system.

💡 Business intelligence customized solutions:
• If there are specific additional tenders sources that you would like us to track every morning, we can add these sources to the + 3500 sources we already cover as long as this is permitted by the organization who publish these opportunities.  Any new tender coming from these sources, will be captured. If you want to add sources: please fill out the following form here.
• We can build reports for you based on all data we do have on professionals and business opportunities.
For General Data Protection Regulation strict compliance, data on Deepbloo users will be anonymized and no contact details will be provided.


DEEPBLOO, the energy business platform for professionals