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How does Deepbloo business solution work ?

How do I access to tenders and opportunities interface with my premium membership ?


Access to tenders/ opportunities interface with premium membership 

  1. Select a valid membership.
  2. Wait a few minutes : you will receive by email a login and password to connect to the business interface 
  3. Go to Tenders/ RFQ’s section 
  4. Click on the blue button on the top left corner.

  5. Insert your login and password that you have received by email

  6. You can now access to the interface 

Note : To connect to the business interface the next time you will go on DeepBloo : 

  1. Log in on DeepBloo exactly as you did the first time you connected (using Linkedin or a password) 
  2. Go to Tenders/RFQ's section and click on the blue button on the top left corner
  3. Enter your login and password 

How do I access to my personal and customized pipeline with the Business + Interface ?


  1. You need to have subscribed to a free trial or have a valid Business + Membership (to subscribe to a plan, click here) and to be logged in the Tenders/ RFQ page (to see how to log in, see here) 
  2. Click on the blue button BUSINESS on the top left corner and the system will need a few seconds to charge the opportunities corresponding to your business preferences (CPV codes and geographical ares)

Why shall I and how do I set-up my Business Preferences in my profile ?


Setting properly your business preferences will enable you to access to a personal and customized pipeline of opportunities in the Business + Interface that will be build on your preferences in terms of market segment (CPV names) and geographical areas. 

You can modify your business preferences anytime (click on "my profile" section as shown below) and : 

  • Update your business opportunities segments ("interested by business opportunities (CPV)" field).
  • Update the region where you are looking for business ("interested in business opportunities in this areas"field).

Once you will have updated tour preferences, your opportunity Pipeline (Business +) will automatically import daily new opportunities corresponding to your segments (CPV) and geographical areas. 

The tenders/ opportunities interface is not working and is showing a blank screen or some functions or data do not appear. What shall I do ?


As we keep making evolutions in order to improve or add new functions to our the Deepbloo platform, it may happen that your screen displays an earlier version of Deepbloo and therefore remains empty when going to the Tenders/RFQ’s tab or that some information such as the links to tender documentation do not appear. 

In such a case, you need to bypass your cache first. 

  • Google Chrome with Windows : Ctrl + F5
  • Google Chrome with Mac OS : Hold both the ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift keys are press the R key
  • For other browser, please check here.

If after doing this, this is still not working, please change your browser (use preferably chrome or firefox) 

If this keeps not working, contact us. We will shortly revert to you to help you to fix this. 

How is built the player mapping displayed on each tender ? 


On each tender that we publish, our system builds a mapping of potential players based on 3 rules :

  1. CPV automatic detection on each tender

    Deepbloo’s algorithm analyses the title and description of all tenders. Based on the content, our system allocates CPV which corresponds to scope of work, the type of products or activities. For example, if the title of a tender is « Microgrid and solar installation consultancy », the system will allocate various CPV such as « offgrid », « consulting », « solar energy », etc…

  2.  Identification of companies having at least one user with CPV’s in common with the tender CPV’s.

    Any company which has at least one registered user on Deepbloo who has at least one CPV (market segment - any user can update these in My Profile section: see here to update your business preferences) in common with the CPV of tenders, will appear on the mapping of this tender. In other terms, the company will appear on any tender having a CPV code matching at least with one CPV code selected in the user profile of this company.

Moreover, to make sure your organization appears a potential player, we need to know for which organization you are working for. You need as well to create your organization (Add an "experience" in My Profile). 

If your organization already exists, it will be proposed to you as a choice, you just have to select it. 

3. Positioning of the companies in the graph. 

Companies are placed on the graph according the following rules. 

  • Companies having users with more CPV's in common with the tender CPV's will be positioned higher on the graph. This is based on the principle that, if we follow with the example here above, a company with professionals working in "Microgrid", "Solar energy" and "Consulting" might be more qualified than a company having a user only working in "Consulting". 
  • Companies are positioned on the x axe in function of where they are doing or willing to do business. If a user of a company has completed its profile " Interested by business opportunities in these areas" with the same subregion as the subregion of the tender location, it will appear. 

Moreover, any company having a registered user living in the same country of where the tender is located will appear on the right column of the graph. We have made this distinction as we know how important is it to find potential partner having a local presence. 

  • The size of the bubble depends on the number of users affiliated to this company on Deepbloo. the more colleagues you have, the bigger will be the size of the bubble representing your company. 

How do I invite colleagues to join Deepbloo and why is it important ?


Inviting colleagues for them to register on Deepbloo will :

  • Increase your visibility on the player mapping appearing in each tender because the higher the number of users associated to your organization is, the larger the bubble representing your company will be, and therefore the more visible your organization will be. 
  • Enable you to notify them with relevant tenders (they will receive an email with the link to the tender). 

To invite your colleagues to join the platform : click on + Button on the top of the screen and click on "refer someone to the community"

How do I create my own tender or request for quotation ?


There are 2 different ways to publish your own request for quotation :

  1. You do not have a free trial or a valid membership and therefore have no access to the "Tenders/RFQ's" section of Deepbloo. In that case, you can go on the Live Feed of the platform, just create a post and you can add an image or attached file. 
    The live feed is the landing page of the Deepbloo platform. You can access here. 
  2. You have a free trial or a valid membership : Go on "Tenders/RFQ's" section and click on "add a tender" on the top left corner. 

What is the difference between the "Tenders/RFQ's section" and the "Private deals" section?


The "Private Deals" function is currently disabled. 

How does Deepbloo capture tenders and business opportunities ?


Our system works with different algorithms. Basically : 

  • Our engine collect all energy-related tenders from + 5000 organizations working in the energy industry. 
  • Our engine collect as well other tenders which are not specifically related to energy such as Agriculture, O&G, services, consulting, etc... but which include a scope of work in relation with the energy sector (in offgrid, solar, cables...). We scan around + 35 000 organizations. 
  • Then, our system classify all tenders in categories in function of the scope of works related to the tenders.
  • New tenders are captured every day.
  • If there are specific organizations you are interested in and you believe that we are not capturing the tenders of these organizations, please give us the name and URL link and we will make sure (as long as this is legally and technically possible) that we will collect the tenders of these organizations.

What is a CPV code ?


CPV codes are a system of classification for public procurement which uses standardized vocabulary to help procurement personnel classify their contract notices consistently and to make it easier for suppliers and contracting authorities to find notices.

CPV stands for Common Procurement Vocabulary and the system was developed by the European Union as a tool to improve transparency and efficiency in public procurement. Using a standardized coding format also makes it easier to facilitate the processing of tenders published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). The use of CPVs has been mandatory in the European Union since 1 February 2006. 

The CPV system consists of a main vocabulary, which defines the type of contract; and a supplementary vocabulary, which adds further qualitative information about the contract. The main vocabulary is made up of approximately 9450 terms, listing goods, works and services which are commonly used in procurement. 

How do we deal with the queries you type on the search bar ?


Each tender has 4 "searchable attributes" : Title, description, buyer name, buyer country. This means that any tender having a word (or synonym) matching your query for at least one these four attributes will appear in the result page.

Then, results are ranked as following in the descendant order : 

  1. Tenders with query words matching exactly. 
  2. Tenders matching with Title will appear first, then the ones matching with description. 
  3. Tenders with more typos will be ranked lower. 

Why do I have to fill my personal information?


Deepbloo is a fair and reliable business platform, that is the reason why Deepbloo might require you to verify your identity to determine the ownership of the account to uphold the Deepbloo Terms of Service.rnDeepbloo also needs to provide you all the information you have requested, for example, DeepBloo can notify you new opportunities or content updates via email address. 

How do you protect the confidentiality of my data ?


We have several measures in place to ensure confidentiality of your data.

  • DeepBloo is a PRIVATE business platform and except the information you choose to share inside your Deepbloo business network, we do not share, give, or sell any personal information about you.
  • We have a strict privacy policy , please check here for more details and how we comply with GDPR rules.

If I cancel my subscription, will I receive a partial refund ?


Unfortunatelly, we do not offer partial refunds for the remaining period.

What is the most important thing to do on DeepBloo ?


The most important thing is to have a complete user profile and create the profile of your Company. This will help you to be visible and ensure company visibility to capture business opportunities and attract potential partners.

Is a photo on my user profile important ?


Yes because large majority of people need to see someone to trust him and because business is about human relationships too.

How much does it cost to create a private opportunity ?


Creating a private opportunity is completely free for the time being. We reserve the right to limit the number of free opportunities to be created later on.

What are the benefits of creating private opportunities ?


Each user has the possibility to create an opportunity which will enable her or him to find a suitable supplier or partner to perform a service or deliver a product. When you create an opportunity, this will be searchable and accessible by many companies in the Energy market. Moreover users may decide to receive daily notifications and will be automatically informed. This increase widely your change to find the right supplier and to get visibility to your opportunity.

How do I use DeepBloo to find business opportunities ?


Our search function allows you to search for opportunities using keywords, geographic area, industry, company name and product/activity categories. You can set up a search alert to get email notifications when new opportunities that meet your criteria are created by other users.

How do I know if my opportunity has been viewed by others ?


Today, there is no way to see it. We are currently working on this to make it possible.

Will anyone see that I am searching for an opportunity on  DeepBloo ?


No. Your search activity is totally private.

Can I use DeepBloo to create a company event ?


Yes, you can create a simple event such as factory inauguration or product launch and target the companies you want to invite. In case you want to use DeepBloo to manage on line invitations, contact our sales team.

Who can see my user profile and what do they see ?


Everybody can see your user profile but they can see only what you decide to make visible thanks to the confidentiality parameters that you can customize.