Energy business is one of emerging sector. One of our request, may be energy tenders. As energy professionals, typing “offgrid” on my search bar to find tenders, my intention is not find “offgrid” tenders only but as well “microgrid”, “minigrid” … opportunities.
So, how to find relevant energy tenders for energy business in the same place?

Any professional in energy sector working in management position, sales, strategy or business development spends a considerable amount of time to chase new tenders and business opportunities in its own market. A tender is an opportunity and a won tender is Sales.

Understanding the resquest

The ideal scenario is obviously when we manage to be aware of a tender a long time before it goes actually out. In that case, we had time to cook it. Moreover, we could support the customer to write the technical specifications. But this does require not only a strong customer intimacy but also to invest time on the long run. All this without 100% certitude on the results and to have a technical legitimacy. Moreover, many customers are not allowing this. For public customers that is, in many cases, simply impossible (legally , internal code of ethics…).

Therefore, this ideal scenario does not happen every day. In most of the case, we can actually identify a tender when it is already out in the market. And, to identify a tender, going to a dedicated tender platform is one of the best way. For a few days now, the energy platform Deepbloo is now proposing tenders in Transmission, Distribution, Generation Renewables, Offgrid, etc… But only energy tenders for energy professionals.

There are already quite a lot of tenders platform out there. Their main goal and challenge is to cover as many tenders sources as they can. In order to be exhaustive to ensure to their members that their will actually find what they are looking for. This is for the quantity. The other challenge is on quality: how to make sure that energy professionals will actually find the tenders they are searching for?

Energy tenders in the same platform

You can have thousands of tenders on Substation turnkey projects but if your members can not find them properly, that make things complicate. The difficulty is that users will always type different words to find them. They may type: “SST” “Switchyard”… with the intention to find a tender for HV substations. And, that is just an example among hundred of possible cases. If the results they get are only the ones corresponding to keywords they have typed, there will always be a huge gap between what they were looking for and what they have actually found.  

Deepbloo has been created by energy professionals for energy professionals. Because it is a dedicated energy platform, we believe that we are able to understand the intent of our members: not what they type but what they are looking for and there is a huge difference. We know that a professional typing “offgrid” is most probably interested to get “microgrid” or “minigrid” opportunities.

We have worked with Energy consultants to be able to fine-tuned our search engine. It tries to detect what could be the intent of our users whenever they search for an opportunity on the energy platform Deepbloo. Then, the algorithm and search engine we use enable us to propose what we believe they are looking for. But this is not perfect and will never be, that is why we are continuously improving it to offer to our members the best experience.

Wants to give it a try? Joined us.

Written by Alexandre Guillemot
Deepbloo platform energy sector